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  • Dr Christian Jessen, GP and TV presenter recommends acupuncture

  • For 40 years I've survived on three hours' sleep a night: Toyah Willcox on her battle with insomnia

  • Acupuncture featured in new booklet from Anxiety UK

Acupuncture recommended by Anxiety UK - read their new booklet "Understanding Anxiety"


Witney Wellness Talks

Free inspirational Health & Wellbeing talk evenings held monthly at Witney Corn Exchange, also featuring a range of complementary therapy sampler opportunities and offering a relaxed occasion for socialising & discussion. Nice friendly atmosphere.

Timesonline report from 12th of May

Timesonline report on a study which compared acupunture with conventional forms of treatment for back pain.

Daily Mail article from the 12th of May 2009

Article covering a study which compared acupuncture to conventional treatments for back pain.